Dr. Toby Ewing, DVM

Dr. Ewing is proud to provide his clients with thorough, compassionate and experienced veterinary care through his private practice based in Monroe, Washington.

He enjoys seeing patients for prevantative and routine care, and is also available for after-hours emergency treatment.

For some horse owners, winter is a time to hunker down and protect your equine friend from harsher weather. For others, it's a time to train even more religiously and get a jump on the coming show season.

No matter how you weather-the-winter, falling temperatures and increased moisture can mean bigger burdens on your horse's body. Keeping an ideal bodyweight, avoiding colic, staving off Northwest-loving skin fungus, and exercising safely with stiff joints are all common cold-weather questions. Be sure to keep up-to-date with your veterinarian regarding your horse's dental floats, proper nutrition, joint supplements and dermatological health this winter! Doing so will help ensure a spring full of bright-eyes and shiny coats, once those blankets finally come off!

Ask Dr. Ewing:

If your hard-keeper needs oil this winter, what kind is best?

What simple, daily practices can you adopt to keep your chances of a colic emergency low?